5 things you SHOULD NOT do at an INTERVIEW

Once you’re done with your impressive CV as well as cover letter, things don’t end here. Now, your new challenge is to face interviewers. Even the professionals get anxious while walking into an interview. Being tensed and frustrated if you can’t leave a personality impulse to interviewers probably you’ll lose the job. But if you just get to know about the blunders people make during the interviews, you’ll simply increase your chances to grab your dream job. And that’s what I’m going to make you concern over.

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Lying On CV

Be as much honest as possible on your CV. If you lie on your CV, the probability is so high that they’ll get your flaws. This impact will hit your loyalty. Thus your reputation for the long run would be damaged.

Not doing proper RESEARCH

When you are walking into a company, you should know about the way how the company works. Before entering to interview read everything available about the company. Browse their website, go to the “ABOUT US” tab, and read about their missions. This will definitely add some plus points to you.


It’s already said, “The first impression is the last impression”. Make sure to have the perfect attire for the interview. Avoid wearing or carrying anything fancy. A smart casual dress-up works so well in this case. Don’t carry unnecessary things like chewing gum, nail files, and unmuted mobile phone. Remember, appearance is not only about dressing. Unless you have any solid reason, try your best to be on time.


Your body language is your main weapon to look confident. Train yourself to have perfect body language. This will add significant value to your interview. While answering interviewers’ questions avoid bumbling. Take a little bit of time. Prepare your answers. Choose impactful words. Then confidently speak up with a lighted voice.


When you are sitting for an interview, interviewers must think that you are curious and interested in working with them. The best way to make them feel that is to ask questions regarding the post you are applying for and their curriculum. Your interest to hear information from them can lead you ahead from others.

- Lastly, be confident about your ability. Avoid any mock things or personality. Choose your words politely and you are ready to bang on the interview. Your dream company is waiting for you to be hired. All the very best.

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